About Us

Welcome to Mobile Detail Boss

Welcome to Mobile Detail Boss. You have come to this website for the sole purpose of having your vehicle professionally detailed THE RIGHT WAY. Be assured you have come to the right place. There’s no if’s or but’s about it.

Our founder and CEO started this company to save the detailing industry. With 20 plus years of detailing experience, he has seen and done it all, from motorcycles, military aircraft and the use of carnauba paste wax, to the evolution of nano Teflon coatings from water pressure cleaning and steam-only pressure cleaning. The thing he keeps in his “tool of tricks” that makes all the difference is LOVE, consideration and attention. He says what makes good detailers is what’s in their hearts, and that’s something you can’t learn.

What makes us different

Since the economic collapse of 2008, there have been hundreds of so-called professional mobile detail companies that have sprung up across the country. Granted, some of them are not all bad and take pride in their work and study the art of the ever-changing detailing business. But unfortunately, a lot of them have no experience, license or insurance. So here at Mobile Detail Boss, we have vetted and recruited some of the best detailing companies known to man. To become a Mobile Detail Boss member, they first have to pass our company profile verification channels, followed by our vigorous customer reference callings. This is in addition to our covert client appointments that are ordered and paid for by us. There is also a customer review and rating system we have implemented to make sure they’re consistent and honest.

YOU, the customer–also known to us as THE BOSS–are our first and only priority. Together, we will change the standards of mobile detailing across the United States. So no matter where you, your family and friends live, you can be assured you will receive an honest and professional mobile detail company TO YOUR HOME OR OFFICE.